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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Tula's International School is a premier co-ed boarding school that strives to ensure our students receive the finest international education. To provide quality education, we create a dynamic learning environment where challenges are encouraged to allow students to foster a sense of discipline and organisation alongside a robust academic personality. Our boarding school experience will enable students to discover whom they are beyond their academic achievements by instilling a passion for co-curricular activities and extra-curricular exploration of interests – equipping them with skills needed for future success as inspired world citizens!

The curriculum at TIS focuses on six main areas of learning, which seeks to address the children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, among others.

The mind, body and soul approach to education focuses primarily on realising that students' emotional well-being dramatically affects their academic learning, both in the moment and in the long term. Does this method address how athletics can help students be physically fit and become socially empowered and successful? How do meditation exercises improve academic focus in the classroom? For instance, in Ethiopia, where few girls can reach secondary school, initiatives like "Girls Gotta Run" offer a ray of hope. This initiative lures talented girls via scholarship programs to use running and education to better themselves and their communities.

All these methods to make students learn are well-complemented by the aids of technology, which help the teachers and students adapt to the latest learning methods.

For a child to learn about community their surroundings, Tula’s International School organises trips and excursions depending on where they live in the city. They participate in activities outside of school because it helps them make friends with other kids in society to gives them a unique perspective of life outside of an academic school environment.