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Pastoral Care

The greatest strengths can be found not in the bricks and mortar that make up a building but in people’s relationships. Many people working together can indeed create a great school community. The Boarding School community encourages healthy relationships with one another. It helps develop friendships that will be sustained for life as friends transition from student to alumni – as these graduates support their past connections by watching each other’s successes as they build their own.

Pastoral care is a sheer demonstration of concern for the growth and well-being of every student. It focuses on cultivating an environment and psychology that supports every student’s physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. It is a commitment to the broader school community in general.

At Tula’s International School, one of our core focuses is creating a space that feels like home for all our students. To achieve this, we always think outside the box. The facilities we can offer – areas such as classrooms, dorms and teacher’s residences – should provide comfort and relaxation for students at any given time.

The hostel is spacious and brightly lit so that each child will feel comforted whilst they are away from home. The sleeping arrangements are carefully planned to provide room for every child, while all can use recreational facilities.

At TIS, we take pride in our prestigious Pastoral Care team. We provide valuable services such as;

It is establishing a school culture that emphasises keeping each other safe, being aware of each other’s needs, and coming to the aid of others when necessary.

Participating in outside activities together can combat feelings of isolation.

I am keeping track of every student’s progress.

Counselling students who are suffering from mental distress or loss.