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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Which Boarding School is Situated in The Best Location in India?

India is a diverse country with varied traditions, festivals, architecture, and cultural beliefs. Situated in the northern region of this phenomenal country lies a beautiful Himalayan state Uttarakhand. Hosted to several boarding school, Uttarakhand is known as the Land of Gods. Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, is only 240 km from Delhi and is surrounded by high mountains and lush green Sal forests. Doon is a gateway to several popular hill stations like Mussoorie and pilgrimage sites like Haridwar and Rishikesh and is known for its delightful year-round weather and picturesque surroundings.

Dehradun offers a great mix of exceptional landscape and modern amenities, along with some of the finest educational institutions. One such school that has created a benchmark in education is Tula’s International School. Located in the captivating Doon Valley, one of the best locations in India, the best boarding school for girls offers a warm and welcoming environment.

When stepping inside the state-of-the-art, digitally smart classrooms or walking the peaceful grounds along with the beautiful brick buildings of Tula’s campus, one gets a feeling of studying in an elite school. Students here enjoy a wide range of amenities and facilities generally not found at other schools. The school has a 22-acre pollution-free green campus, with a state-of-the-art athletics facility, outdoor Basketball synthetic 8-layered court, world-class volleyball court, two squash courts, state-of-the-art shooting range, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and a salon.

Enrolling in Tula’s allows the students to explore the first-class curriculum, increase concentration in studies, meet the talented staff, and find out everything that makes TIS one of the best boarding schools for girls in India. The school aims to provide an excellent learning environment for children as young as ten, all the way through to 18.

Tula’s International School goes beyond a traditional education to encourage visionary students who take charge of their learning. Within and beyond the classroom, Tula’s seeks to unleash the potential and support the ambitions of every student. Through various course offerings and programs, individualized counseling, and a range of extra-curricular opportunities, students at Tula’s can discover their interests and develop an academic route that is unique to them.

Our boarding school for girls teaches young children more about themselves by participating in fun learning activities. The CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) program will leave the child ready to take on university and beyond. TIS also offers a boarding school experience, where the welcoming and pleasant environment of the school becomes a second home for our proficient students. 

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Some of the fundamental features of Tula’s International School are:

  • A substantial emphasis on the growth of independent learning to encourage the transition from school to higher university
  • A dedication to recognizing educational potential and finding the right career pathways for the students
  • Small class sizes that lead to personalized and enclosed learning
  • A diverse international community that encourages children to learn above and beyond
  • Adjustable subject combinations with students being offered advice on favorable study plans at the point of admission
  • A perfect surrounding that teaches the importance of discipline in life and punctuality in daily routine
  • A traditional CBSE affiliated curriculum with a modern approach and global outlook
  • Enriching boarding experience with high-quality pastoral support, fostering independence, and helping the transition to university
  • Good communication between staff, parents, and students
  • Personalized learning programs with routine testing, leading to attentive target setting for each student
  • Expansive 15+ Olympic sports and extra-curricular activities
  • Outstanding track record of positioning students in leading universities and colleges

Having students from several neighboring countries, the top residential school encourages cross-cultural friendships and welcomes new students with warmth and kindness on the school campus. Being the finest boarding school in Dehradun, Tula’s is a safe harbor where students can keep their individual and cultural beliefs while still in a challenging scholarly atmosphere and nurturing community.

The residential students of TIS enjoy a rich social life through participation in several weekend activity offerings during the weekends. Some of the weekend programs at the boarding school include excursions to museums, picnics, movies, and local points of interest that let students experience the community and culture around the school.

The school schedules outings to align with student interests and provide an engaging opportunity for students to interact with their classmates, socialize, follow personal interests, and make friendships that will span the globe and last a lifetime.

All the classrooms at Tula’s International School are furnished with interactive SMART Boards. The teachers use this technology to improve the learning experience and promote interactive classroom experiences. The school building also houses the Digital Media Lab and Innovation & Design Lab, state-of-the-art spaces, inspiring students towards creativity and digital literacy, enhancing the students’ interests in the study, improving teachers’ proficiency, and making learning a pleasant experience as technology changes the face of education. 

At the best boarding school for girls, the connection between teacher and student is the foundation of everything. It is a relationship created on belief and mutual respect and is a powerful force uplifting learning and individual growth. Such strong relationships are possible here because of our small class size. When the class size is small, each teacher can know every student’s strengths and needs.


When parents decide on sending their child to the best boarding school in India, they are not simply choosing a school but a home away from home. The boarders of TIS live together by sharing a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, interests, and personalities, giving the students the unique opportunity to make friends from all around the globe, learn about diverse cultures and sometimes even learn a new language.

The hostel is spacious and brightly lit so that each child feels relaxed while they are away from home. The carefully planned sleeping arrangements in the boarding house provide room for every child. The residential staff and wardens carefully monitor both the boys and girls living in separate halls.

The residential staff of Tula’s International School works with the boarding students to develop residential programs for the evenings and weekends that ensure all the students are kept active and engaged. The school has many clubs and organizations, and students are encouraged to try something new and participate in multiple activities to develop an interest beyond academics.

We are aware that for students traveling from other states, it must be difficult for them to leave their families behind, and thus we make sure to provide a family atmosphere where kids can evolve and be themselves. 

Why Choose to Board At Tula’s International School?

At Tula’s, each child enjoys an exceptional level of pastoral support, a sense of community, and essential quality time with their friends, outside of the timetabled routine. Weekends at the school are productive, busy, and purposeful, with a wide range of activities available to cater to different age groups and interests. There is never a dull moment at the best boarding school for girls.

We are the finest boarding school for a reason and firmly believe that for children, a boarding school, in particular, indicates many benefits over a non-boarding. The strong boarding community at TIS serves as the perfect stepping stone between childhood and adulthood.

Socially, the boarders at TIS get an opportunity to relax with their friends. Enjoying time outside of classes is essential for developing healthy friendships, and the school fosters friendships that last a lifetime. Boarding life also encourages independence to flourish our students through outstanding pastoral care and also teaches them the importance of discipline in life. 

Academically, what boarding school offers is an unrivaled focus. Being in a boarding school, students develop a sense of grounding and an extremely settled environment to concentrate on their work. Students at the boarding school get all the necessary academic resources on hand, whether it is a full-fledged library, teachers, or friends who make perfect buddies!

Our boarders are allowed to experience and try physical activities that, without boarding, perhaps they may not have the chance to. Our students are also free to utilize unique facilities in the evenings and weekends.


The boarding school for girls puts a great deal of care into offering a structure and atmosphere in which students can flourish and have a continuous sense of well-being. The pastoral method fosters self-reflection, investigation, and learning together and goes hand-in-hand with the broad outlook of the school.

The school advisor discusses academic matters and the overall progress & well-being of the students through regular contact. The school advisors also assist in any issues where the student communicates a need. 

To reach full potential & capacity to learn and be sensitive to the world, a sustained feeling of health and well-being is essential. Food, exercise, and mental health are equally crucial for any individual. The food preparation by the in-house catering team at Tula’s International School is purely vegetarian, delicious, and assorted.

Healthy food compliments plenty of exercises, so the school offers swimming, football, yoga, climbing, badminton, and dance, to name a few activities. Mental health completes the picture, and given the innumerable pressures in the present world, this is a vital issue for teenagers. Tula’s intentions ensure an integrated approach to life, which helps nurture every student fully and gives careful attention to mental well-being.


Taking part in clubs and activities outside of regular classes is a great way to meet new friends and expand one’s horizons. It also allows students to formulate and establish a broad range of interests outside the regular studies. 

The extra-curricular programs at Tula’s International School include a range of daily sports and morning and evening clubs and activities designed to foster team spirit and the confidence to integrate with others. The school has other activities such as horse riding, individual music lessons, art & craft, and learning any new foreign language. 


Tula’s International School equips its students to become changemakers who can later help make the world a better place to live.

By joining the best boarding school in Dehradun, the pupils broaden their perspectives and become globally-minded. They will also be actively involved in learning about sustainability and global issues. We encourage all our students to help tackle issues in their communities, and we give them the tools to do so successfully.

TIS encourages each student to participate in outreach activities, volunteer projects, and fundraising programs.


One of the many objectives of the school is to help students find the right career path. Experienced and knowledgeable school counselors help children through the ever-changing world of higher education.

The boarding school for girls also lets students attend a series of workshops and seminars that helps them to navigate through all the components of building a career in any particular field. TIS organizes various tests and exposes the students to the opportunities available in helping them make the right subject choices. An effective career guidance program is designed for students to help them make effective decisions that will help them build their future. Both the students and parents are educated about admission procedures at various educational institutions in India and abroad for higher studies, making them choose exemplary careers for a brighter future.

Tula’s International School has a career program that helps in equipping the students with career guidance knowledge within the school premises.

  • Helps and guides students to make bright career decisions
  • Generating awareness about various career options in Science, Commerce, and Arts stream
  • Offering clear and detailed information on different careers to students on demand
  • Aid Career Assessments tests that include Aptitude, Interest, and Personality