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Boarding school in Dehradun
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Tula's International School

Best Boarding School in Dehradun



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Which is The Top Boarding School in India?

India is known for its vibrant and unique education system designed to preserve its culture, history, values, and traditions. Indian Education System is one of the largest globally, with millions of schools, colleges, and universities. The Gurukul (Boarding School in India) was India’s first education system, and on the same path, Tula’s International School is a quintessential example of a perfect blend between the Old Gurukul System with a modern approach that aims toward the development of the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Every year thousands of children attend boarding schools in India, where they come to experience top-notch teaching and outstanding facilities, with small class sizes and extra-curricular learning experiences. For many students, going to a boarding school is a lifetime learning experience that gives them a head start in their lives.

Tula’s International School offers students a unique boarding school education with a modern and international perspective with several boarding schools in India. The renowned academic curriculum, expert university counseling programs, and one-to-one student support provide the students with an international boarding school experience in India that opens them to a pool of opportunities.

Located in the beautiful quaint city Dehradun, Tula’s is a fully residential co-ed school. Affiliated with CBSE, the school works on a PAN India curriculum with a common framework for education.

Tula’s aims to offer an outstanding education to its student that develops their skills and progresses them to university. The co-ed residential school aims to meet all the standards on the quality of its teaching, facilities, and student care. The school has a beautifully designed structure with modern classrooms and traditional architecture. The international school’s excellent facilities help students make their living and learning a great experience.

Indian schools are best known to bring out the best in each student, enabling them to achieve their full potential while finding their way in life.

Ranked as one of India’s best co-educational boarding schools, Tula’s boasts a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, ranging from 15+ Olympic Sports, Clubs & Societies, Art & Crafts, Music & Dance, and Foreign Excursions. The experiential learning approach at the best boarding school counsels students to explore their interests and involve themselves in learning by doing things practically. With experienced faculty on board, dedicated advisors, and peaceful campus settings, the residential school creates the perfect academic environment for inquisitive learners to succeed in university and beyond.

At Tula’s International School, each student’s achievements and progress reports are celebrated within the school community. The school’s community values currently built on respect and consideration in a productive, caring environment supported by highly qualified and dedicated teachers. We aim to create an energizing and caring environment that enables all students to reach their potential and, by doing so, they develop their skills and confidence in all spheres of life.

Stand Out With Top Boarding School Education in India


By choosing one of the best international schools, the students can reach their dream university with an internationally recognized curriculum. Tula’s International School presents a curriculum that focuses on six major areas of schooling, which endeavors to handle the students’ physical, scholarly, emotive, and social development, among others. The school works upon the CBSE course structure based on analytical ability and reasoning, not memorizing information. The syllabus is framed with the child’s development and learning needs in mind, leading to the overall development and individual growth.

Tula’s follows the CCE, i.e., Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation system introduced by the CBSE, for students from grade one to tenth. Under this system, every student’s performance is assessed based on two criteria – scholastic and co-scholastic. This system aims to lessen students’ work and enhance their overall skills and ability by considering other co-curricular activities. Each student offered grades founded on their work experience, life skills, creation, and public speaking. The overall aim is to motivate & encourage those students who lag in academics but can show their talent in other fields like arts, humanities, sports, music, athletics, etc. The CCE system is translucent and fosters collaboration among students, educators, and parents.


The best boarding school in Dehradun offers a wide range of co-curricular activities, which further helps students to foster new and existing interests that motivate lifelong learning. The clubs and societies, sports, and trips to local attractions are part of what makes going to boarding school in India an inspiring and memorable experience. The school offers:

  • 9+ clubs, including Bookworm, Potters Wheel, Raga Rocks, The Circuit, Khaana Khazana, Vibgyor, Shutterberg, Gulmohar & Flamingo.
  • 15+ Olympic Sports, including Swimming, Taekwondo, Football, Shooting Range, Horse Riding, Billiards, Squash, Archery, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Throwball, Cycling, and Basketball.
  • Music & Dance: The top boarding school has well-qualified educators who teach students to learn a wide range of musical instruments, including guitar, congo drums, violin, sitar, keyboard, drums, harmonium, and tabla, among others. Students here are also exposed to Western and Indian classical dance forms.
  • Foreign Trips and Excursions: The school has actively taken students to explore the world outside the school premises. From visiting various cultural institutions, including art, natural history, museums, theatres, zoos, and historical sites, all the trips and excursions are planned to keep the students’ age and involvement in mind. In fact, during the excursion, the students also get a chance to enjoy some the adventure sports like mountaineering, white-water rafting, para-sailing, trekking, kayaking, camping, etc., which are performed under the presence of trained professionals with all the necessary safety checks in place.
  • Art and Craft: The renowned residential school Tula’s has the Art & Craft workstation ‘Colors,’ one of its kind in Uttarakhand. This workstation strives to inspire the students to display their creativity under the competent guidance of art teachers. Portrait painting, clay modeling, sketching, crafts, Madhubani painting, and creating sculptures are some of the creative recreations students enjoy during their art and craft classes at Tula’s.
  • Foreign Languages: One of the best boarding schools, Tula’s offers German and French for its students to learn. A student in a foreign language class divulged to a whole new language structure which makes him/her more aware of vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, idioms, sentence construction, comprehension, and conversing. Knowing any foreign language facilitates the students at Tula’s to appear for international examinations, including TOFEL, JLPT, DELE, among many others.


The community of students and educators from around the world brings a contemporary, open-minded perspective to Tula’s boarding school experience. The school is enlightened by Indian culture while achieving the international exposure needed to succeed in today’s world while living in the security of Tula’s campus and being looked after by caring advisors, residential staff, and activities coordinators.

At Tula’s International School, one of the primary focuses is creating a space that feels like home for all the students. The facilities at this educational institution provide comfort and relaxation for students at any given time. The hostel campus is spacious and brightly lit so that each child feels relaxed while they are away from home—the sleeping setups designed to provide room for every child, while all can use recreational facilities.

Boarding at Tula’s is characterized as offering a “home away from home.” The educational institution provides a courteous and friendly environment. The school recognizes that an energized relationship between staff, students, parents, and guardians lies at the heart of an optimistic boarding experience and thus appreciates communication from students’ families.

The top boarding school in India aims to achieve its mission by:

  • It provides a wide range of opportunities to encourage each child’s academic, creative, physical, and emotional development.
  • Crafting a distinguished atmosphere within the school in which the experience of living together enhances the lifestyle of all students’ lifestyle and faculty members.
  • Fostering a dynamic and energetic community for the students.
  • It equips a compelling and innovative curriculum that fosters scholastic excellence.
  • They are allowing each member of the school community to actively support and contribute to the communicated values of the school.
  • Facilitating a sense of achievement and the enthusiasm to make a difference in a challenging and constantly transforming world.

Why Choose Tula’s?


This boarding school is an all-in-one campus, conveniently located within a 1-hour drive from Dehradun yet away from the hustle-bustle. Students here get to have a quality lifestyle wherein they enjoy an ideal climate and the possibility of engaging in outdoor activities all year round.


The top boarding school has academic collaborations with various reputed national and international universities that help students gain knowledge. With this, the students get exposure and knowledge about the education and culture of the other country. Such an experience is very beneficial as it adds value to the student. The residential school has tie-ups with Trinity College London, Asian Academy of Aeronautics, Universitat Dandorra, INSEEC, University of the Highlands and Islands, University Autonoma De Chile, and Universitas Muhammadiyah, among many others.


The school offers an international atmosphere with students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and personal and academic enrichment. The aim of Tula’s is simple: to create a distinctive whole-person education cantered on the individual, created on principles, & entrenched in a family atmosphere.


With highly qualified international teachers, academic solid track record in globally acknowledged curriculum and examinations offers students a passport to explore the global world. The boarding school provides preparation for university and regular career counseling sessions for students.


The top international school aims to create an environment where each child acknowledges the value and the good in one another and within the school community. The school appreciates the boarders’ views and respects their input into how the boarding community should run. Students are stimulated to live their life in a way that believes in the needs of others and respects their rights.

Tula’s International School believes in nurturing and rewarding positive behavior such as care for others, honesty, good manners, and good humor. The school is comprehensive and knows the importance of clear, fair rules and boycotts to discourage unacceptable behavior. The parents and guardians and other staff members work together to help the students make the most of their opportunities and support them through difficult times.

What makes TULA’S different?

One thing that makes Tula’s stand apart is the close relationships created between students, parents, and teachers to continuously tailor the child’s learning experiences. Tula’s close, nurturing environment means that all students have the care and support they need to be effective and happy learners and that strong communication between home and school is preserved.

The well-being of borders is of utmost priority to the school, which is promoted by supporting them to be physically-mentally healthy and manage life’s challenges positively and constructively. Essential to this is the excellent pastoral care offered by the experienced boarding house staff of Tula’s in concurrence with the broader team trained to perfection to work with youngsters.

Boarding Ethos at the Top Boarding School in India

Tula’s International School works on the boarding ethos of Equality, Harmony, Simplicity, Stewardship, and Honesty. Boarding at TIS aspires to be a nurturing community where each student has the privilege to grow physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

  • The boarding community of Tula’s is open with honesty and trust.
  • It is a safe community where conflicts are resolved peacefully.
  • Tula’s has an all-inclusive community where no one is discriminated against unfairly.
  • It has a confident community where the special assistance of each person is celebrated.